Republicans warn that this move by Biden could lead to serious national security issues

Joe Biden campaigned as a moderate Democrat who would bring the country together.

But it didn’t take long for his true colors to show and for him to begin implementing his radical left-wing agenda.

And now Republicans warn that this move by Biden could lead to serious national security issues.

Americans were shocked when Joe Biden handed down his vaccine mandate for the private sector.

No one believed he would actually move forward – especially after promising no federal vaccine mandate just months earlier – but he menacingly talked about forcing people to get vaccinated.

Now the United States military, healthcare workers, law enforcement, teachers, and even long haul truck drivers are facing a decision to get a vaccine or lose their jobs.

One industry hit especially hard is the defense contractors and now Republicans are saying this could spell disaster for the United States.

Alabama Republican Senator Tommy Tuberville sent a letter to the White House earlier this week stating that Joe Biden’s federal contractor vaccine mandate will “have negative effects on our national security.”

The Senator called on Biden “to remove – or, at a minimum, delay and clarify – vaccination requirements on private companies and academic research institutions that are actively supporting the Department of Defense.”

Families are being hit hard by this mandate on federal contract workers as many are choosing to walk away.

So, Joe Biden’s tyrannical vaccine mandate is now compromising the United States military and national security and he just doesn’t care.  

In fact, many are saying this is exactly what he wants to happen.

Tuberville’s letter went on to specifically note that Alabama alone employed nearly 100,000 federal contractors in 2020 and “more than 5,000 contractors who support the Department of Defense.”

“They provide capabilities to the Pentagon that are often difficult to replicate. Losing any sizable share of a small firms’ workforce means a direct reduction in the ‘economy and efficiency’ that your Order purports to seek to advance. When these firms are unable to perform, our country is at risk,” the letter continued.

Tuberville’s letter comes not long after a group of Republican members of the House Armed Services Committee petitioned the White House and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin to suspend the Pentagon’s vaccine mandate for contractors because of fears it could lead to massive military supply chain issues.

It is a scary world when the Democrats believe it’s more important to force a vaccine on the people than keep the military strong, the borders enforced and the country’s overall security a priority.

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