Republicans in this battleground state are about to shut down one George Soros scheme

George Soros is the money man behind the Left’s political machine.

He’s trying to fundamentally transform the country.

Now Republicans in this battleground state are about to shut down one George Soros scheme. 

Left-wing billionaire George Soros has been quietly trying to remake the country’s criminal justice system.

He’s poured tens of millions of dollars into normally sleepy races for District Attorney around the country.

Soros has elected more than 30 District Attorneys in some of America’s biggest cities, like Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York City. 

These Soros-funded prosecutors have swept to victory with the goal of enacting the billionaire’s radical soft-on-crime agenda.

These radical District Attorneys are refusing to prosecute whole classes of crimes, and are seeking softer sentences for crimes they deem “unjust.”

Cities with Soros-backed District Attorneys have seen a dramatic decrease in prosecution rates, which has led to soaring violent crime rates in these areas.

In Philadelphia, the city’s Soros-funded District Attorney Larry Krasner unleashed a massive crime wave on the City of Brotherly Love, including a surge in violent crime, since being elected in 2017.

In 2021, the city had a record 559 murders, and could top that grim number by the end of this year.

Krasner won re-election last year despite the crime wave in the overwhelmingly Democrat-controlled city.

He had nearly $1.5 million poured into his campaign by George Soros alone, and proceeded to trash the city’s police department after winning the race.

“F–k the FOP [the Fraternal Order of Police]” and “No good cops in a racist system!” supporters chanted to a smiling Krasner on election night.

The Republican-controlled Pennsylvania state legislature stepped in to shut down the out-of-control crime wave Krasner began by impeaching him.

With a vote of 107 for and 85 against, Krasner was impeached by the Pennsylvania state legislature for a series of alleged abuses by the District Attorney’s office.

The reasons cited included failure to prosecute certain crimes, bail policies, and failing to notify victims of crime about certain matters.

Pennsylvania Republicans also alleged that Krasner failed to cooperate with their investigation into the Philadelphia District Attorney’s office.

After the impeachment, a defiant Krasner put out an unhinged statement defending his soft-on-crime record as District Attorney.

“These ideas include doing more and doing better for victims and survivors, solving crime through modern scientific enforcement, and investing deeply in the prevention of violence,” Krasner said.

Krasner will face a trial before the Republican-controlled state Senate at a later date.

Republican state Rep. Martina White, who represents part of Philadelphia, ripped Krasner for being out of touch with the crime ridden city.

“This man has denied that there is even a crisis of crime happening on our streets,” White said. “No public official is above accountability, and if not for us in this chamber, he would have no oversight.”

Former District Attorney and Republican state Rep. Tim Bonner said “anarchy and violence will prevail,” if officials pick and choose what laws to enforce.

Larry Krasner’s impeachment could be a sign that the tide is turning against George Soros’s radical left-wing District Attorney movement. 

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