Republicans are banding together to fix one crisis caused by Joe Biden’s failures

Joe Biden’s Presidency gets more damaging by the day.

The American people are suffering as a direct result of his policies.

But Republicans are banding together to fix one crisis caused by Joe Biden’s failures.

Joe Biden is kneecapping the economy with his absurd proposals.

He exacerbated the supply chain crisis by paying people not to work, regulating the energy sector and undercutting energy independence, and creating speculation in the market by signaling crackdowns on business.

Those are some of the factors leading to the record-high inflation that’s squeezing the middle class and the poor.

But Republican Governors are banding together to circumvent some of Biden’s reckless economic policies.

The fifteen Governors have targeted rollbacks to regulations such as occupational licensing and age restrictions for new truck drivers.

The GOP Governors wrote:

“Higher gas prices and energy costs not only hurt American families, but they also hurt our trucking and shipping industries, making it harder to stock store shelves. Disruptions due to supply shortages increased 638% during the first half of 2021 for essential products, including semiconductor chips, plastics, and cardboard. The delay of shipping vessels arriving to North American ports from Asia has ballooned from 14 hours in June 2020 to 13 days in September 2021. Supermarkets are receiving 40% of what they order compared to pre-pandemic fulfillments of 90%. Approximately 40% of U.S. shipping containers pass through west coast ports that sit in a logjam, and yet our east coast ports remain open for business. Problems are exacerbated by critical shortages in containers, chassis, and drivers to unload and move goods. Once again, where the Biden administration has failed the American people, our governors will step up to lead.”

The Governors are also fighting against Biden’s national vaccine mandate, which has contributed to a shortfall of 80,000 truck drivers, a record high for the industry.

Governors have more power than they know, so it’s important that these Republicans are embracing federalism and clawing back power from the federal government.

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