Republican Turncoats Proved They’re Frauds With One Disgraceful Move

The Democrat Party is rapidly moving to the hard Left.

Many RINOs are going along with them.

And these Republican turncoats proved they’re frauds with one disgraceful move.

The Lincoln Project billed itself as a group of principled Never Trump Republicans who wanted to stop the Orange Man.

Composed of neocons and squishes, the Lincoln Project “accomplished” its goal when Donald Trump left office, but the donations from Democrats were too good to pass up, so the grift continues.

Now the Lincoln Project is openly endorsing every single Democrat policy position.

In fact, these supposedly “principled” Republicans are now in favor of abortion.

The shift of the Lincoln Project reflects how a lot of RINOs have duped their constituents and donors for years.

Some members of the Lincoln Project have explicitly changed their party affiliation and became Democrats.

Now they’re calling for boycotts of Texas over the new abortion law.

The Lincoln Project will continue to take in cash from gullible people on the Left, all the while pretending to be conservative.

With Republicans like these, who needs Democrats?

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