Republican Senators have had it with the Library of Congress and the reason why will shock you

The Left continues to push political correctness like nothing this country has seen before.

Anything they deem “offensive” – which is a lot these days – must be changed or done away with in order to “protect” people’s feelings.

Well, these Republican Senators have had it with the Library of Congress and the reason why will shock you.

Cancel culture and political correctness have taken over American culture.

So much so that even the Library of Congress is jumping on the bandwagon.

It’s been released that the Library of Congress is forgoing the terms “aliens” and “illegal aliens” in its subject headings.

These new subject headings will “more accurately and clearly refer to the issues they cover and will ensure users find library materials regardless of the many different terms that have been used over time,” the Library of Congress stated in an email to NBC news.

This didn’t sit well with Republican Senators Ted Cruz of Texas and Mike Braun of Indiana.

The two Senators sent a letter addressed to Librarian of Congress Carla Hayden letting her know just how they felt about the move.

“The LOC’s proposed replacement has nothing to do with Congress’s original instruction – that the LOC ‘consider appropriate sources of common terminology used to refer to a concept, including current statutory language and other legal reference sources; and other sources’ – and everything to do with a progressive preference to control language and take up arms on a ‘political battleground,’” the letter stated.

Cruz and Braun argued that the term “alien” has been used in official government text for centuries – including in the “Immigration and Naturalization Act.”

The move is clearly politically motivated, and the Library of Congress is doing nothing more than kowtowing to the woke Left.

Once again doing away with history does not make it so that it never happened.

This continued thought process that things can just be erased is in line with a communist-style ruling class.

Propaganda is being shoved down the American people’s throats at every turn and it must be stopped.

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