Rand Paul says Fauci may be responsible for thousands of needless deaths

Dr. Anthony Fauci is a liar and the whole world knows it.

He continues to peddle information that is not true or scientific in a ploy to try and keep his face plastered across the Fake News Media.

And now Rand Paul says Fauci may be responsible for thousands of needless deaths.

Senator Rand Paul and Dr. Anthony Fauci have made for some serious fireworks over the last year and a half.

Paul has never once hesitated to call Fauci out for the fraud that he is and lies he’s told.

And just the other day Paul said what lots of people have been too scared to say.

During an appearance on his father, former Congressman Ron Paul’s, Liberty Report earlier this week, Senator Rand Paul laid it all out for the listeners.

“I think Fauci is of the philosophy that vaccines are incredibly successful and are the way to go versus therapeutics, for example. So with regard to AIDS, he was involved as the AIDS epidemic came up, he wanted to develop a vaccine,” Paul began.

The Senator, a medical school graduate, went on to explain that there is nothing wrong with wanting to develop vaccines and that vaccines can be great for polio or smallpox, but “it didn’t actually work for AIDS.”

It was at this point that Paul pointed out Fauci’s constant dismissal of therapeutics, which could be a life saver.

“But the therapeutic angle ended up being the best, but he was biased towards the vaccine, and it’s the same way now,” Paul continued.

It was at this point that the gloves came off and made what is likely his boldest statement yet about Anthony Fauci.

“I would venture to say that thousands of people die in our country every month now from COVID because [Fauci] deemphasized the idea that there are therapeutics,” Paul declared emphatically.

Getting monoclonal antibody treatment is one of these most bureaucratic events any person will ever have to go through – the government red tape surrounding the process is astounding.

Fauci, Biden, and the Democrat Party do not want Americans to have access to the antibody treatments because that downplays the need for their untested, unproven vaccine.

Data has proven that the antibody treatment cuts the risk of death for a high-risk patient by 70% and it reduces the chance of infection among members of your household by 80%.

Antibody treatments have been wildly successful in Florida where Governor Ron DeSantis continues to push back against Biden and Fauci’s authoritarian mandates.

The Fake News Media and leftists are purposefully ignoring the success of monoclonal antibody treatments and lives are being lost because of it.

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