Prince Harry and Meghan Markle unveiled new unflattering portraits that will leave you rolling in laughter

Photo by Bruce Detorres via Flickr, public domain

People were already talking smack about the new portrait of King Charles that was recently unveiled.

But another artist has also come into the spotlight recently after painting some new portraits of the Royal family.

And now Prince Harry and Meghan Markle unveiled new, unflattering portraits that will leave you rolling in laughter.

A young artist depicts Duke and Duchess with different roles

Although Prince Harry and Meghan Markle moved to America and stepped down from their duties within the British royal family, it hasn’t stopped one artist from painting their portraits.

Dan Llywelyn Hall was the youngest artist ever to paint a portrait of the late Queen and has just unveiled a new series of works.

Hall was just 32 years old when he was commissioned by the Welsh Rugby Union to paint a portrait of Elizabeth II at Windsor Castle in 2012.

Since then, he painted several more pieces, including a work commemorating William becoming a dad, Charles’ coronation ceremony, and a live painting of the Queen’s funeral.

Now, Hall has created a series of ten new portraits that draw inspiration from royalty throughout history in England. 

Two of the pieces include portraits of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex as historic British royals. 

The paintings were made for the Society of Antiquaries and feature Markle portrayed as “Dame Elizabeth Grey, Queen of England by marriage.”

The portrait of Harry is depicted as “Charles Edward Stuart, otherwise known as Bonnie Prince Charlie.”

This new exhibition, entitled “The Reign,” commemorates 150 years of the society at Burlington House in London’s Piccadilly.

All of the pieces will be auctioned to help support the cataloging and digitization of approximately 25,000 prints and drawings from the 18th and 19th centuries. 

According to Hall, “The Royal Family is possibly the most enthralling longest-running drama in history, the inspiration of theatre, books, and every art form.”

He noted that the public figures “caught on the knife-edge of public opinion were ideal for drawing comparisons from distant monarchs – like the exiled princes and princesses of the past, that lurk in the background but are still irrevocably tied to the job.”

Hall also added, “We can’t help ourselves and wonder whatever next?”

New roles for the exiled family members

The works from Hall depict Meghan as the “Returning White Queen” and Harry as someone who was “also known as the Young Pretender.”

Hall said, “In Harry’s case, I have entered the story before he met Meghan – the young party-goer with his future very much in the balance, a bit like the Bonnie Prince I have likened him to.:”

“I thought putting Meghan in the role of the White Queen, who was a Queen Consort and possibly the most influential ‘outsider’ in royal history, might have a fine irony to it and not necessarily beyond the realms of reality,” he noted. 

The artist also said that some of the pieces are simply his part in “interpreting our times,” adding that paintings can have a “greater authenticity” than photography.