Pelosi and the Democrats are in meltdown mode for one reason

Joe Biden’s Presidency is on thin ice less than one year in.

His administration’s failures have been a drag on the entire party.

Now Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats are in meltdown mode for one reason.

The Democrats are staring a red wave in the face, and they don’t know what to do.

Joe Biden has been an utter disaster in nearly every conceivable way, and the radicalism of the Democrats is alienating voters.

Biden was supposed to be a moderate, and he has moved to the Left with unconstitutional vaccine mandates and obscene spending packages.

Republicans currently hold their largest lead ever in the generic Congressional ballot, which has precipitated a spate of Democrat retirements in the House.

Now anonymous Democrats are complaining about leadership at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC).

Democratic congressmen, particularly those in purple districts, had strong words for DCCC Chairman Sean Patrick Maloney.

Politico reports:

Universally, we heard that there’s been too much Trump talk, not enough focus on pocketbook issues. TERRY MCAULIFFE banged the anti-Trump drum constantly on his way to losing the race for Virginia governor. But at-risk members we spoke with worry that Maloney is still embracing the Trump-as-boogeyman strategy, blasting Republicans as extreme for seeking his blessing or otherwise supporting him.

Orange Man Bad is all the Democrats have.

That’s why they’re leaning so heavily on the January 6 Committee.

They’re hoping to keep Trump alive in the minds of voters.

But running against Trump in the midterms is not a strong play, especially considering he’s not the President.

Democrats can’t run on pocketbook issues because their policies have led to massive inflation, which is hurting the average American.

Politico continued:

The messaging issues extend beyond Trump. As cases challenging Roe v. Wade have reached the Supreme Court, the DCCC has sent dozens of press releases attacking Republican candidates and lawmakers for opposing abortion rights. But one front-liner called abortion “a lightning rod” in their district — and said the DCCC should steer clear of it as a campaign issue. “We should leave it up to Planned Parenthood and all the reproductive organizations to get in there and support candidates that are pro-choice and leave it at that,” the member, who like other vulnerable Democrats supports abortion rights, told us. “I’m not going to go out there and start bashing people for being pro-life. It would be a big mistake in my district.”

Maloney and high-profile Democrats like the members of The Squad want to run to the Left, but that’s not where the American people are.

Democrats in purple districts know this, but radical Democrats in safe blue districts couldn’t care less.

And the way things are shaping up, the midterms will be an absolute bloodbath for them.

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