One Virginia parent just blasted President Biden for promoting this racist activist group’s handbook in schools

The battle over Critical Race Theory (CRT) is becoming more intense by the day.

Parents across the country are furious at the radical Left for pushing this racist, Marxist ideology onto children in government schools.

And now, one Virginia parent just blasted President Biden for promoting this racist activist group’s handbook in schools.

Loudoun County, Virginia has been the front lines of the CRT battle for months.

Numerous clips of enraged parents at school board meetings demanding an end to teaching Critical Race Theory in their children’s schools have gone viral.

CRT is a Marxist ideology, which claims white people are universally “oppressors” and that minorities are constantly “oppressed” by systemic racism perpetuated by whites.

Understandably, parents are up in arms at the idea that their child’s teacher would espouse an ideology that would turn kids against each other based on their race.

And now one Virginia parent has had enough.

Jessica Mendez has faced retaliation for her crusade against CRT.

But she’s not letting that get in the way of holding the Biden administration accountable for pushing such a toxic idea on the next generation of Americans.

According to Fox News, Mendez claims that parents “have lost trust in the education system after it was revealed the Department of Education promoted a radical activist group’s handbook that pushes to ‘disrupt Whiteness and other forms of oppression.’”

The group, Abolition Teaching Network, has been known to push radical ideas rooted in Marxism and socialism, especially CRT, in the classroom.

Biden’s Department of Education claimed it was a mistake, but Mendez isn’t convinced.

“You don’t just make a mistake like that,” says Mendez, “If you don’t agree with them, and what their beliefs are, they will come after you and attack you . . . We should not be focusing on activism and things like this in the schools, we need to be just focusing on the subjects and teaching them how to be critical thinkers, not what to think.”

As the far-Left continues to force racist ideologies down Americans’ throats, we need more patriotic parents like Jessica Mendez to stand up against the indoctrination of our kids.

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