One state left Joe Biden red with rage after they put him in his place

Joe Biden’s regime is a complete disaster.

Others are stepping up to clean up his mess.

And one state left Joe Biden red with rage after they put him in his place.

The situation on the border is a historic mess.

Biden pushed an open borders agenda rolling back President Trump’s successful border policies.

Now border crossings by illegal aliens are at record levels.

With no help from the Biden regime, states are starting to step up.

Texas has been at the center of the border crisis.

Now Republicans in the state are taking the defense of their border into their own hands.

Texas has approved awarding a contract for construction on a border wall.

Texas authorities said the project will have nearly a billion dollars in funding.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott got citizens to chip in, crowdfunding $54 million to help with covering the costs.

The wall will be built on land donated by private citizens.

This marks the first time that a state has opted to construct a border wall on their own.

This isn’t the first time that someone has had to step in for the federal government on construction of a border wall.

We Build the Wall was a private effort to step in and construct portions of the border wall in Texas and New Mexico.

This is just the latest step that Texas has taken to secure its border.

The Texas National Guard has been deployed to the border often as the only line of defense.

State law enforcement has stepped up with border enforcement as the Biden regime has backed off the task.

Defending the border was exclusively the job of the federal government, but with Biden not doing the job others must step up.

With the Biden regime pushing for open borders chaos this effort could inspire other border states like Arizona to take actions into their own hands.

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