One Shocking Poll Already Has Democrats On The Run

Joe Biden is a disaster and everybody knows it.

Not even the corporate-controlled press can cover up for all his failures.

And one shocking poll already has Democrats on the run as 2022 looms large on the horizon.

Joe Biden’s approval rating is in the toilet, and he’s dragging down the entire party.

Before losing the Virginia gubernatorial race, Terry McAuliffe got caught on a conference admitting that Biden was “unpopular” in the state.

But it’s not just Biden.

The Democrats as a party have gone insane, and they’ve adopted the ethos of their radical wing regarding race, gender, and the country itself.

That’s why an ABC News/Washington Post poll shows the Republicans enjoying their largest lead in the Congressional ballot in the 40-year history of the poll.

Respondents were asked:

“If the election for the U.S. House of Representatives were being held today, would you vote for (the Democratic candidate) or (the Republican candidate) in your congressional district?  Would you lean toward the (Democratic candidate) or toward the Republican candidate)?”

The breakdown was 51% Republican and 41% Democrat.

That ten-point spread speaks volumes to how poorly the Democrats are performing.

They have flopped on virtually every issue.

On the economy, 55% of respondents disapprove of Biden’s job and only 39% approve.

On COVID, what was supposed to be the Democrats’ pet issue, 49% disapprove of Biden’s job while 47% approve.

So Biden is under water on the issue that largely got him elected.

The poll also asked:

“Biden has been President for about ten months. Would you say he has accomplished a great deal during that time, a good amount, not very much or little or nothing?”

Only 35% said he’s accomplished a good/great deal, and 63% he’s accomplished little/nothing.

The numbers are terrible for the Democrats, and the off-year elections confirm them.

Republicans made gains in unexpected places, including Virginia and New Jersey.

A powerful incumbent Democrat in New Jersey lost to a Republican truck driver who spent next to nothing on his campaign.

Democrats made the serious mistake of doubling down on school closures and COVID restrictions on children, they threw gasoline on the fire by promoting and defending Critical Race Theory and other neo-Marxist garbage.

If the Democrats don’t reverse course, they are going to get bludgeoned in 2022.

Considering how arrogant they are, they have zero plans of moderating their insane message.

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