One Republican Governor is protecting children against a barbaric practice

The radical Left is methodically devouring the Democrat Party.

Policies thought unimaginable are being promoted across the country.

But one Republican Governor is protecting children against a barbaric practice.

The pet project of the Left is to obliterate the distinctions between man and woman.

It’s a radical idea that requires terrifying levels of coercion.

But conservatives and Republicans are finally fighting back on this cultural jihad.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis recently signed a bill protecting girls’ sports:

And DeSantis said he wants to prohibit barbaric medical procedures being pushed by radical transgender activists within the medical community.

Mary Margaret Olohan of The Daily Caller asked DeSantis, “Is Florida interested in banning any kind of legislation banning trans surgeries or procedures for minors?”

DeSantis responded, “I’m very much opposed to chemical castration of minors . . . I mean, honestly, I didn’t even know that this existed until like a few years ago, so that would be something that I would sign for sure.”

For some disturbing reason, transgender activists are determined to push this radical worldview on children at a younger and younger age in the name of “tolerance.”

Encouraging confused kids to get irreversible treatments like surgeries and hormone therapy is beyond the pale.

Somehow this is not only being tolerated, but enforced in some parts of the country.

A father in Seattle almost lost custody of his son, who’s on the autism spectrum, because the state told him he needed to send his son to a gender reassignment clinic.

The father promised to do so, then moved his family out of Washington – his son is now doing fine.

There is plenty of sober-minded scholarship that challenges the transgender push, but most of it has either been ignored or suppressed.

Ryan Anderson’s book When Harry Became Sally was flat-out banned from Amazon.

Ron DeSantis is showing that Republicans can get things done at the state level, and more Governors must follow his lead.

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