One radical university administrator proved that higher education is nothing more than a racket

College campuses are cesspools of leftist indoctrination.

But it’s not just the fringe faculty members that are a problem any longer.

One radical university administrator proved that higher education is nothing more than a racket.

College professors often complain that they’re underpaid and they blame capitalism for putting profits ahead of the priceless endeavor of education.

But if college professors want to know who’s taking money out of their pockets, they should look no further than the army of administrators being hired by universities.

For example, the new Vice Chancellor of Equity and Inclusion at University of California, Berkeley makes an eye-popping $325,000 per year.

Over the past 40 years, college tuition has skyrocketed well past the rate of inflation.

Stories of students paying for tuition by waiting tables in the summer are as timely as horse buggies.

While professor salaries have largely flatlined, administrator salaries have exploded, as has the raw numbers of administrators.

According to Christopher Rufo, who has done heroic work in exposing the scourge of Critical Race Theory throughout American institutions, Berkeley’s budget for DIE (diversity, inclusion, and equity) is $25 million.

College has largely become a racket because market forces are not at play.

Student loans are secured by the federal government, so the universities assume no financial risk – they can jack up tuition as much as they want.

Meanwhile, the students get saddled with burdensome debt that can only be discharged through death or defection to another country.

The extortionate tuition rates fund the legion of administrators who contribute to the campus insanity witnessed across the country.

Higher education is fundamentally broken and at this point it may be too rotten on the inside to repair.

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