One radical school official screamed three chilling words to parents opposing far-left indoctrination

The culture war in government schools is heating up.

Parents are fighting back against the insane communists running education.

But one radical school official screamed three chilling words to parents opposing far-left indoctrination.

Leftists hate the fact that conservatives and non-woke liberals are pushing back against the neo-Marxist ideology of Critical Race Theory being taught in government schools.

CRT and sister ideologies had been seeping into government school curriculum for years, but the Left finally got caught.

Now that the mask has slipped, the radicals are doubling down in their rhetoric.

One radical even shouted “Let them die” when describing opponents to woke indoctrination.

The Daily Wire reports:

As parents concerned about politicization and standards-lowering in schools gathered in Fairfax County, Virginia, a top PTA and NAACP official led a counter-protest in which she ended a tirade about parents who oppose Critical Race Theory (CRT) with the exhortation, “Let them die!”

Michelle Leete is Vice President of Training at the Virginia state PTA and Vice President of Communications for the Fairfax County PTA. She is also First Vice President of the Fairfax County NAACP and a federal employee.

Democrats tried for weeks to tapdance around the issue and pretend that CRT was not being taught in schools.

But now the true believers on the frontlines and the teachers unions are openly defending and promoting CRT.

The official screaming for parents to die – and the people cheering her on – should serve as a wake-up call to people who aren’t yet aware of the threat the Left poses.

These people aren’t messing around, and they’re shouting it from the hilltops.

Parents of conscience need to band together and root out these communist ideologues poisoning young minds and brainwashing the next generation.

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