One Never-Trumper just did something that will make your blood run cold

Trump Derangement Syndrome is still driving Democrat politics.

With Donald Trump out of office, the new target is all of his supporters.

And one Never-Trumper just did something that will make your blood run cold.

A senior advisor for the Lincoln Project showed the snobbery of the establishment in one tweet.

Rachel Bitecofer, who also co-founded the left-wing organization Strike PAC, showed her utter contempt for the plebes who supported Donald Trump.

The establishment has shown time and time again that they do not care about people who do not regurgitate the mantras of the elite.

They use the working class as mascots to give themselves moral cover.

Worse yet, they can’t even see their own hypocrisy.

The defenders of the regime show their true colors when they attack members of their “coalition” who reject them.

Class or race “traitors” always get attacked mercilessly.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden has made life worse for the working class.

Record-high inflation serves as a hidden regressive tax, and it is eating up any nominal wage gains.

The establishment is pushing for even more spending, which will only exacerbate the inflationary crisis.

As for the Trump supporter who was mocked by Bitecofer, blue checkmarks on Twitter would be celebrating that person if he or she had “impeach 45” banners.

The last five years taught the average American just how little regard the establishment has for them.

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