One Never-Trump RINO just made an insane statement about immigration that you won’t believe

Donald Trump has been attacked for years by both the Left and the Right.

The establishment of both parties worked hard to undermine his agenda.

And one Never-Trump RINO made an insane statement about immigration that you won’t believe.

The Democrats and the Chamber of Commerce Republicans have promoted the notion that both legal and illegal immigration into the country is an unquestioned good.

The truth is more nuanced than that.

But the establishment uses slogans like “we’re a nation of immigrants” and “diversity is our strength” and “that’s not who we are” to combat immigration restrictionists.

And failed Presidential candidate Jeb Bush used the Olympics to take a shot at Donald Trump over his immigration policies.

Users on Twitter were quick to point out that the United States did well in the Olympics even when the country had a half-century moratorium on immigration.

But the broader point is that Bush is using a specious emotional plea to promote more immigration.

Studies have shown that mass immigration into the country puts downward pressure on low-skilled labor, which harms working class Americans.

Also, Big Tech firms are abusing the visa program by bringing in IT workers who get treated as indentured servants – they cannot leave their companies without jeopardizing their visa status.

That makes them much easier to control.

Immigration is a complex issue that can’t be reduced to slogans, but that’s what the nation’s immigration discussion has devolved into.

Leftist labor leaders like Cesar Chavez and his acolytes used to beat up illegal aliens attempting to cross into the country.

Bernie Sanders was against open borders as recently as 2015.

But the Left has decided that importing new potential voters is more important than American labor.

The neocon establishment of the Republican Party has been out for blood ever since Trump destroyed Bush in the 2016 primary, and they have no plans of stopping.

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