One gubernatorial candidate has a wicked plan for people who refuse to do what he wants

Democrats are in full-blown panic mode.

The Biden administration is imploding, and Democrats are attempting to seize control while they still can.

And one gubernatorial candidate has a wicked plan for people who refuse to do what he wants.

The Democrats’ COVID tyranny continues.

They’re pushing for everyone to get vaccinated even if it doesn’t make medical sense, e.g. people who have already recovered from COVID have better natural immunity than the vaccine can provide.

But Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe is openly promising to make life miserable for Virginians who are not vaccinated.

McAuliffe is hoping to replace Democrat Ralph Northam as Governor – the man who replaced him, as Virginia does not allow for Governors to serve consecutive terms.

Northam survived a scandal where he admitted to wearing blackface (or appearing in a KKK hood) as a medical school student.

Northam weathered the storm because Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax was accused of rape, and Attorney General Mark Herring – next in succession – admitted to a blackface scandal of his own.

Democrats could not risk the state falling into Republican control, so they circled the wagons around Northam.

If McAuliffe is elected again, he will continue the leftward drift of the state.

Northam tried to pass sweeping gun control legislation and was rebuffed on his most extreme plans, but that doesn’t mean the Democrats will stop trying.

McAuliffe has already promised to make life miserable for residents who are not vaccinated.

Democrats are giving Americans a glimpse into their mindset in the midst of the pandemic.

They will stop at nothing to control people’s lives.

McAuliffe isn’t alone – many politicians, public health officials, and celebrities have echoed similar statements about making the unvaccinated suffer.

Democrats alway claim that they’re fighting fascism, but instead they’re practicing it.

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