One Democrat sex scandal that was too big to ignore just triggered a shocking resignation

Democrats are good at downplaying their misconduct.

They can get away with it because the corporate-controlled press is largely on their side.

But one Democrat sex scandal that was too big to ignore just triggered a shocking resignation.

Time’s Up – the organization dedicated to helping women fight against #MeToo perpetrators – just suffered a major black eye.

CEO Tina Tchen stepped down because she had been consulting with disgraced Governor Andrew Cuomo, exactly the type of person she was charged to defend women against.

The Washington Post:

“Tina Tchen, the president and CEO of Time’s Up, told her staff Thursday that she will resign, less than a day after she admitted that her organization’s private consultations with then-New York Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo during his sexual harassment scandal were more extensive than previously known. A former Chicago corporate lawyer who became first lady Michelle Obama’s chief of staff, Tchen has led the advocacy group focused on fighting workplace sexual misconduct since 2019. She co-founded the Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund with the attorney Roberta Kaplan, who resigned this month after New York Attorney General Letitia James uncovered some of her consultations with Cuomo advisers about the governor’s response to his first sexual harassment accuser, Lindsey Boylan.”

Cuomo finally resigned after an immense pressure campaign from the Left, but he seemingly would’ve stayed in office if Time’s Up had their druthers.

Tchen is the second Time’s Up CEO to resign ignominiously.

President and CEO Lisa Borders stepped down after her son was embroiled in #MeToo allegations from a yoga instructor who accused him of harassment and misconduct.

Time’s Up also declined to represent Joe Biden accuser Tara Reade.

It turns out that Time’s Up is just another left-wing attack dog that serves the interests of powerful Democrats.

When bigwigs like Biden and Cuomo are in the crosshairs, it’s clear where Time’s Up places its allegiance.

So many institutions have been hollowed out by the Left.

For example, the ACLU no longer holds free speech as an unassailable right – now the ACLU won’t take cases of people charged with transphobic comments.

Time’s Up is more embarrassing because the organization didn’t have time to get bloated and corrupt.

Time’s Up has only existed for three years.

The organization has completely lost its credibility, but it will undoubtedly soldier on and continue to siphon donations from unsuspecting liberals.

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