One Democrat Governor who’s circling the drain blamed his failure on something insane

Democrats are getting a harsh lesson in life after Trump.

It was so easy for the Left to blame Donald Trump for all the troubles of the world.

But one Democrat Governor who’s circling the drain blamed his failure on something insane.

Democrats are desperate for a boogeyman with Donald Trump removed from every major social media platform.

One such politician who could use that lifeline is California Governor Gavin Newsom.

He’s currently facing a recall effort that’s gaining steam.

Even Newsom admits that the effort likely has the necessary 1.5 million signatures, but he tried to label the recall a far-right plot.

During an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper, Newsom said, “You have people that are part of the lead coalition that started this petition that are avid Proud Boy members. They’re part of the Three Percenters, the right-wing militia group. They are supporters of QAnon conspiracy theorists, white supremacist groups.”

This is an embarrassing deflection that even Tapper called out.

To his credit, Tapper responded, “Well, what do you think of the two million or so Californians who have signed it – who have signed this petition? I’m not talking about the leaders that you just went after. Certainly all two million Californians who signed this aren’t all Trumpsters.”

Newsom, of course, had no good answer because he has angered so many Californians with his draconian lockdowns that have crushed small businesses while he was caught twice breaking his own COVID protocols.

Local restaurateur Angela Marsden, who was forced to shut down her bar’s outdoor dining while a film crew was permitted to set up dining only a few paces away, fired back against Newsom in a Fox News interview.

Marsden said, “Small businesses employ the most women, the most minorities, and we are the ones that have been shut down . . . We have been literally killed off while he just goes to the French Laundry and eats.”

Despite some of the strictest lockdown procedures and one of the youngest populations in the country, California’s COVID case fatality rate was on par with red states that did not break their economies and bend the knee to the teachers unions.

Newsom can blame the “far-right” all he wants, but California is deep blue, and not many Democrats are coming to his defense.

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