One DAMNING image just landed Mitch McConnell in very hot water

Conservatives are furious with RINO Mitch McConnell.

Now they are fed up for good.

And that’s because one damning image just landed Mitch McConnell in very hot water.

During the first two years of the Biden regime, President Joe Biden had no greater ally in ramming his socialist agenda through Congress than Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY).

Senator McConnell worked hand-in-hand with President Biden and Democrats to pass trillions in socialist spending, the Green New Deal, corporate welfare, and massive new gun control.

McConnell believed if Republicans sold out and voted for Biden’s radical agenda then swing voters in the suburbs would support Republicans in key Senate races.

The second half of Senator McConnell’s election strategy involved not proposing a positive conservative agenda to campaign on.

McConnell’s “vote for us because we’re not Democrats” strategy predictably backfired, as voters saw Republicans supporting Biden’s policies as affirming his agenda, and tuned out Republican challengers who attacked Democrats for rubber stamping said agenda.

Democrats gained one Senate seat due to McConnell’s failed plan.

But Senator McConnell is showing no shame or remorse for selling out conservatives, or for masterminding the GOP’s disastrous electoral performance in the Midterms.

Instead, McConnell agreed to appear in public with President Biden in Kentucky to brag about the fake infrastructure bill that was really just a Trojan horse for the Green New Deal.

“The President will deliver remarks on how his economic plan is rebuilding our infrastructure, creating good-paying jobs that don’t require a four-year degree, and revitalizing communities left behind,” a White House statement read.

Conservatives mounted a challenge to McConnell’s leadership after the election, with Senator Rick Scott (R-FL) running against him for Republican leader in the Senate.

In a sign of the level of discontent directed towards Senator McConnell, 10 Republican Senators – more than 20% of the Party’s Senators – supported Scott.

But McConnell clearly missed the message of the election, and the challenge to his leadership.

Much like Joe Biden, Mitch McConnell intends to change nothing about how he operates.

That means Senator McConnell plans to spend the next two years cutting deals with President Biden, helping Democrats impose socialism on America, maintaining open borders, and selling out conservatives.

Republican voters expect their elected representatives in Washington, D.C. to oppose Democrats and fight their leftist agenda.

Senator McConnell did the exact opposite and conservatives are furious.

And Mitch McConnell continues to tell the base of the Republican Party that he will function as the 52nd Democrat Senator in the new Congress.

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