One conservative group just hit back against “woke” capitalism

The far-left “woke” movement is tearing apart the country.

Even corporations are getting in on the act.

But one conservative group just hit back against “woke” capitalism.

The group Consumers’ Research is trying to administer a lesson in “get woke, go broke” to major multinational corporations.

The group came up with the ingenious idea of running political-style attack ads at companies instead of candidates.

Consumers’ Research launched its campaign by going after American Airlines, Nike, and Coca-Cola, three companies that decided to get “woke” in order to distract from their own malfeasance.

Executive Director Will Hild is making the rounds and getting the word out on his organization’s strategy:

“Woke” capitalism is a disgusting phenomenon.

Hypocritical companies are wading into the political fight and siding with the people that despise business, finance, and profit itself.

CEOs at many of these companies have chosen to bend the knee to the “woke” mob to get them off their backs.

But the companies have made a gross miscalculation.

Not only will they drive away conservative consumers, but they will not appease the mob.

The hard Left cannot be satiated.

They will continue to march and seize power so long as people won’t oppose them.

But Consumers’ Research is proof that people are fed up, and they’re willing to fight back.

Disney recently felt the crunch of lost subscribers in light of summarily firing The Mandalorian star Gina Carano for expressing counter-narrative views.

If these major corporations aren’t careful, they will lose a significant portion of their consumer base and create a parallel economy.

Nike needs to avoid politics, especially if they have the gall to make their products with veritable slave labor in China.

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