One communist commentator is facing heat for this hilarious reason that shows why communism fails

The radical Left has sadly crept into the mainstream.

Mainstream Democrats are quickly being overrun by extremists in the Party.

But one communist commentator is facing heat for this hilarious reason that shows why communism fails.

Communist political commentator Hasan Piker is under fire for buying a $3 million home in Los Angeles.

Piker, who has worn a shirt with the slogan “eat the rich,” is the latest leftist to get in hot water for forking over millions in pricey L.A. real estate.

Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors quietly stepped away from the organization after spending approximately $4 million on properties.

Fox News reported:

“Left-wing influencer Hasan Piker is facing a wave of backlash after news surfaced that he bought a nearly $3 million home in West Hollywood. The outlet Dirt reported last week that Piker purchased the $2.74 million, 3,800-square-foot Mediterranean-style home. Located in the Beverly Grove neighborhood, the home has five bedrooms and 5.5 baths. Piker hosts video streams on Twitch and has worked for The Young Turks, which was co-founded by his uncle Cenk Uygur.”

Piker apparently has benefited from nepotism in order to sell communism, and ironically he’s gotten rich because of capitalism.

It didn’t take long for leftists to call him out online.

One self-described socialist said:

“[I]t’s just flat out unethical to be profiting off of socialism and buying yourself a 3 million dollar home in a state that has one of the highest homelessness rates in the country . . . [I]f you’re mad I find this to be gross and unprincipled behavior I don’t really care lol.”

The Young Turks also came face-to-face with the reality of leftist politics.

TYT founder Cenk Uyghur busted up union attempts at his own company.

Similarly, Nathan J. Robinson – founder of the socialist rag Current Affairs – fired staff members who tried to establish a worker co-op.

To the Left, socialism is all fun and games when they’re railing against capitalism, but it’s not so fun when they’re forced to confront the ramifications of their own ideology.

The hypocrisy of the Left is both hilarious and maddening.

Rich leftists justify their wealth by spouting the mantras of the Left without having to suffer the consequences.

The fact that Piker has been able to get rich while selling socialism shows how corrupt America’s educational system is.

Communists have been poisoning the well with propaganda through culture and education for decades, and now multiple generations have imbibed it.

Only liberty is the antidote for the poison of communism, and it’s in far too short a supply even in America these days.

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