One college textbook is spreading dangerous lies about COVID

The coronavirus pandemic has been a nightmare for nearly two years.

It’s going to take years to truly assess the entire ordeal.

But one college textbook is already spreading dangerous lies about COVID.

American colleges are breeding grounds for indoctrination.

Professors are overwhelmingly left-wing, especially in the social sciences and humanities.

And students at Central Piedmont Community College in Charlotte, North Carolina are being fed biased information about COVID.

Campus Reform broke the story, reporting:

A textbook assigned to students at a North Carolina community college states that COVID-19 protocols “saved tens of thousands of lives” while Americans who disagreed with those restrictions caused deaths.

“Most Americans responded to the pandemic by limiting their social contact, covering their faces when going out, and washing their hands thoroughly after they did,” the passage begins and then continues with, “yet lives were lost because some Americans held beliefs that were at odds with the facts.”

This is flat-out false.

Some of the states that had the most draconian lockdowns had the worst death rates.

Florida had a comparable death rate to California despite having the second oldest population in the country behind only the sparsely populated Maine while California has the fifth youngest population.

Countries like Sweden did not lock down at all, and fared better than countries like Italy that cracked down hard.

There is no evidence that lockdowns prevented COVID deaths.

There is, however, evidence that lockdowns led to higher rates of depression, suicidal ideation, and less screening for other maladies.

Lockdowns also decimated economies, which will have downstream effects that won’t be known for years.

The course also took a swipe at conservative news outlets.

Campus Reform continued:

“In addition to reviewing the textbook, Campus Reform obtained screenshots of a quiz the American Government students were assigned. The quiz asserts that CNN [is] less likely to be a biased source of news whereas a conservative outlet is most likely to be biased or promoting a story for ideological reasons.”

This is obvious partisan nonsense.

CNN has been caught multiple times promoting fake news.

But the professor of this course is so ensconced in an echo chamber, he believes it.

Such indoctrination has been happening on college campuses for years, but it’s taken conservatives decades to finally catch on.

It’s going to take a concerted effort to reverse a lot of the leftist nonsense spouted on campuses.

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