One civil rights leader said something about the Rittenhouse trial that will leave you speechless

The Left is using the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict to sow chaos.

Their rhetoric shows that they have completely broken from reality.

And one civil rights leader said something about the Rittenhouse trial that will leave you speechless.

Out of all the horrible Kyle Rittenhouse hot takes in the corporate-controlled press, NAACP leader Derrick Johnson might have had the worst.

During a news hit on MSNBC, Johnson said that the Rittenhouse trial was “worse than [the] Emmett Till trial.”

Johnson’s immoral comments are proof that left-wing organizations are run by wild-eyed radicals, and that the corporate-controlled press is indeed the enemy of the American people.

That is the only explanation for saying something so despicable.

Emmett Till was a 14-year-old black boy who was kidnapped and brutally murdered in 1955 by actual white supremacists – not the make-believe ones discussed on MSNBC and CNN – for allegedly wolf-whistling at a white woman.

The Mississippi jury found Till’s two killers not guilty in under an hour.

Comparing the Emmett Till trial to the Kyle Rittenhouse trial is irresponsible and intentionally inflammatory.

The Left have shown that they are not interested in easing tensions and coming together.

They want to accelerate the divide in America in some harebrained attempt to usher in an “equitable” revolution.

Leftist radicals don’t hide the fact that they hate America and the Constitution.

The troubling thing is that the radicals have captured the Democrat Party.

There are no moderate liberals pushing back the hysteria, at least not prominent ones.

Perhaps there is a scattered handful, but they are labeled dissidents or even “right-wing” for the gentlest of pushback.

Democrats seem to be running a playbook designed to tear apart America.

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