One brave father exposed the true horrors of one radical leftist policy

The Left has been indoctrinating children for decades.

Donald Trump called it out, which drove the Left even more crazy.

And one brave father exposed the true horrors of one radical leftist policy.

The debate over Critical Race Theory is heating up.

Democrats are scrambling to defend the arcane neo-Marxist theory, but they’re struggling.

CRT essentially uses the old Marxist paradigm of oppressor versus oppressed, and ports it onto a racial lens with white people being the oppressors and nonwhite people being the oppressed.

CRT first sprang up in law schools, but has since trickled down into K-12 education, and many other organizations, including the U.S. military.

Parents are seeing the radical nonsense being pumped into their kids’ heads, and they’re fighting back.

Ian Rice, a black father at a school district in Michigan, had one of the most poignant rebukes of CRT.

During a school board meeting, Rice said, “Critical Race Theory is teaching that white people are bad. That’s not true. That would teach my daughter that her mother is evil.”

Rice’s words sum up how ridiculous the ideology is.

Rice also pointed out that CRT was never meant to be taught to grade schoolers.

This is partially true.

The intent of activist leftists was always to reshape society using tools such as critical theory, but they were never supposed to get caught.

CRT and other radical leftist ideologies have been infecting the minds of children for decades, but it never burst out into the open.

That’s what Donald Trump did when he called it out.

Trump shone a spotlight on CRT, and it caught the left off-guard.

Their radical ideas cannot stand up to scrutiny when they’re presented to average Americans.

At the beginning of the COVID-19 lockdowns, some teachers panicked that parents might begin to see what their children were being taught.

It turns out those teachers were correct.

Conservatives are finally mobilizing and taking over school boards across the country.

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