One braindead Democrat Senator said something completely moronic about rising gas prices

Joe Biden’s economy is putting the squeeze on Americans.

But the Democrats and their Fake News Media allies are trying to polish Biden’s failures with lies.

And one braindead Democrat Senator said something completely moronic about rising gas prices.

Hawaii Senator Mazie Hirono consistently makes inane comments.

Recently, she was on MSNBC with Maria Teresa Kumar, and said something absurd about the economy.

Kumar primed her by asking about moderate Democrat Joe Manchin having reservations about Joe Biden’s globalist boondoggle known as Build Back Better.

Kumar said:

“Senator Manchin right now seems again to say that he may not vote for this bill because of inflation and, Senator, one of the things I often have conversations with is that people could care less about the price at the pump if they can’t pay for child care and get back to work. Can you speak to this?”

Hirono agreed and added:

“I agree with you. Four million women left the workforce during the pandemic because they have to take care of their children and their families. And so, a huge part of Build Back Better is to lower costs such as childcare costs, to provide pre-K, which is really important for young families.”

First, gas budgets are a serious concern for people who have to plan where all of their money goes on a week to week basis.

When the price of gas jumps 50% or even higher, that can do considerable damage to people with long commutes or a lot of driving obligations.

To dismiss that is the height of progressive elitism.

As for women leaving the workforce, that’s a product of Democrat policies.

They have locked down schools and businesses in pursuit of a mind-numbing COVID Zero policy.

Per usual, Democrats are coming to put out a fire that they started.

Hirono continued:

“And so, I disagree with Joe [Manchin] that Build Back Better is going to add to inflation. In fact, economists rarely agree about anything, but twelve Nobel Prize economists say that Build Back Better is actually going to not add to the inflation and will be anti-inflationary over the long term. So, we need to get on and pass the Build Back Better to lower costs for families and to address climate change and all of the other parts of the bill that will actually strengthen our families and our economy.”

Leave it to a bunch of dishonest Keynesian economists to conclude that massive federal spending and increasing deficits won’t have any downstream economic impact whatsoever.

Inflation is why it’s significantly harder in 2021 to raise a family on one income.

Leftists cannot be trusted with the economy because they don’t believe in the constraints of reality.

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