One big name on CNN is about to lose their job for a reason no one saw coming

There is a massive shakeup under way at CNN.

Big changes are in the offing.

And one big name on CNN may be about to lose their job for a reason no one saw coming.

There may be no more poisonous figure in the corporate-controlled media than CNN’s Brian Stelter.

Stelter is a hardcore left-wing ideologue who rigorously enforces liberal media bias while pretending to be an objective journalist.

Stelter alleges he is a media reporter, but his entire work product consists of criticizing Fox News and demanding social media companies censor conservatives more aggressively.

But now that the merger between CNN’s parent company Warner Media and Discovery is complete, there are rumors that Stelter’s days at CNN are numbered.

Discovery CEO David Zaslav reportedly wants to pull back on CNN’s liberal opinion programming, of which Stelter is the poster child.

John Malone is the largest shareholder in Discovery, and he’s made public comments about wanting to return CNN to a news organization.

But apparently, what Malone says in private about Stelter is even more biting.

It’s likely that CNN would not fire Stelter, but instead would just let his contract expire when it comes due.

Either way, conservatives would cheer Stelter’s ouster from CNN as it could show the pendulum is swinging back towards news organizations actually just reporting news instead of acting like ideological enforcers for the Democrat Party.

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