Nancy Pelosi was in a panic after she heard this shocking news

Nancy Pelosi was on top of the world after Democrats took total control in Washington, D.C.

Now her life is a constant headache from Democrat infighting and a collapsing Biden regime.

And she was in a panic after she heard this shocking news.

Total control of the government hasn’t gone as Democrats planned.

Joe Biden’s regime has been in free-fall after a string of blunders.

After running on ending the pandemic and getting life back to normal, it’s been anything but.

A disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, a sputtering economy, and the politicization of COVID have sent Biden’s approval ratings underwater less than a year into his Presidency.

Nancy Pelosi has been trying to navigate this collapse with a narrow majority in the House.

With only an eight seat majority, she doesn’t have any seats to spare.

And now a new poll from Quinnipiac shows her time as Speaker could be coming to an end.

They found that Republicans have a lead on the generic ballot: 46% to 43% over Democrats.

The generic ballot asks which party a voter would choose for the House in the upcoming election and serves as a gauge of the political climate. 

This is disastrous news for Pelosi’s chances of remaining Speaker.

Quinnipiac has a reputation of overestimating Democrats in their polls.

In 2020, they had Biden winning Florida by three (Trump won by four) and him winning Ohio by five (Trump won by eight).

The generic ballot poll could be overstating Democrats’ strength as well, which would spell a wipeout for House Democrats.

In 2010, when Republicans gained sixty-three House seats. they were still trailing Democrats on the generic ballot at this point in time.

With the Biden regime dragging them down, vulnerable Democrats will have to decide if they want to walk the plank for Biden’s $3.5 trillion “human infrastructure” bill.

Now that time is running out on the Democrats’ narrow majority, this poll will make Pelosi’s tightrope walk to pass the Biden agenda more difficult.

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