Nancy Pelosi made a prediction about November that will leave you speechless

Democrats are facing stiff political headwinds in this year’s midterm election.

But House Speaker Nancy Pelosi thinks Democrats have an ace up their sleeve.

And Nancy Pelosi made a prediction about November that will leave you speechless.

TIME Magazine’s pro-Pelosi sycophant Molly Ball asked Pelosi about all the polls showing Republicans set up for a massive win in November.

“You mentioned the midterm elections in 2018 that returned you to the speakership. We got a midterm election this year. Most people are saying it doesn’t look very good for your party. How do you see the midterms going, and what do you see as the potential consequences if the Democrats lose Congress?” Ball asked.

Pelosi responded that Democrats would win in November.

“I don’t have any intention of the Democrats losing the Congress in November,” Pelosi exclaimed.

Pelosi then repeated the falsehood that the Republican Party threatened American democracy.

“It is absolutely essential for our democracy that we win. I fear for our democracy if the Republicans were ever to get the gavel. We can’t let that happen. Democracy is on the ballot in November,” Pelosi added.

Even though poll after poll shows Republicans leading Democrats on the question of which party Americans would like to see in control of Congress, Pelosi believed Democrats secured a structural advantage in the redistricting process.

Pelosi claimed all the pundits being wrong about how the GOP would come out ahead when state legislatures and commissions drew new Congressional District maps showed they would be wrong again in predicting a GOP sweep this November.

“Everybody said redistricting was going to be horrible for the Democrats. Remember that? Not so. Not so. If anything, we’ll pick up seats rather than lose 10 to 15, which conventional wisdom said that we would. There’s nothing conventional anymore, and it certainly ain’t wisdom,” Pelosi.

Of course what Pelosi failed to mention about redistricting is how Democrats gamed the system using partisan courts in Ohio, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania to draw pro-Democrat maps despite those state legislatures holding Republican majorities.

And in states like Illinois and New York – where Democrats controlled the legislature – Democrats drew aggressive maps to add new Democrat Party seats.

But even those redistricting wins are unlikely to save Democrats in November.

Republicans only need to flip five seats to win control of the House of Representatives.

And polls show the GOP is likely to clear that bar with room to spare.

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