Nancy Pelosi just insulted the American people by claiming this is why Biden’s poll numbers stink

There is no arguing the fact that Joe Biden’s poll numbers are in the gutter.

Democrats want to hide the reason why.

But Nancy Pelosi just insulted the American people by claiming this is why Biden’s poll numbers stink.

In politics, it is usually not a good idea to insult the voters.

But House Speaker Nancy Pelosi did just that in trying to explain away Joe Biden’s anemic poll numbers.

An ABC/Washington Post poll found a record-low 37 percent of Americans approved of the job Joe Biden was doing as President.

Nancy Pelosi said Biden’s ratings sank into the toilet because the American people were ignorant about all the supposed accomplishments Joe Biden racked up in his first year in office.

“Well, I think tonight is going to be very important, because for people to appreciate what the President has done, and that working together with the Congress, they have to know what it is,” Pelosi told MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell.

Pelosi then quoted Abraham Lincoln in explaining why low poll numbers caused Joe Biden’s agenda to stall out in Congress.

“President Lincoln said that ‘public sentiment is everything; with it, you can accomplish almost anything, without it, practically nothing.’ But people have to know for public sentiment,” Speaker Pelosi stated.

But Pelosi then dove head first back into an alternate reality.

The American people care most about inflation, crime, the economy, and the invasion at the southern border.

For months, Joe Biden focused his agenda on a nearly $5,000,000,000,000 socialist spending bill that would only make inflation worse and do nothing to solve the problems of Democrat Mayors and Soros-backed District Attorneys refusing to enforce the law or secure the border.

Pelosi falsely claimed the “issues that relate to the well-being of the American are being well-served” on Joe Biden’s watch before baselessly claiming “there’s no one” more empathetic than Joe Biden.

Pelosi concluded by claiming, “there’s no one who cares more. We’re so blessed that he’s president at this time because we do have to build America better and that’s what he is doing.”

But if any of that were true, multiple polls would not be showing Joe Biden’s approval rating tanking into the 30s.

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