Nancy Pelosi just blocked an act that would have honored the service members who died in Afghanistan

Nancy Pelosi is not known for her warm personality.

She’s cold, calculated, and out to gain power any way she can.

Case in point, Nancy Pelosi just blocked an act that would have honored the service members who died in Afghanistan.

Joe Biden will likely be known as the worst President the United States has ever seen.

That’s saying something because the U.S. has seen several bad Presidents.

However, Biden’s scandal-plagued time in office so far – a mere eight months – was capped off by the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan.

The loss of life at the Kabul airport was unnecessary, and Biden knows it, but he doesn’t appear to care.

Nor does House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Earlier this week, Nancy Pelosi blocked the House of Representatives from publicly reading the names of the 13 U.S. service members who were killed in Afghanistan.

Representative Brian Mast of Florida stated that Pelosi ignored the Republicans’ request to read the names and “just closed the House down.”

“We gaveled in, had a prayer, said the Pledge of Allegiance, took a moment of silence with pretty much all Republican veterans, then asked to be recognized to read names and bring up Afghanistan legislation. They did not acknowledge us, and just closed the House down,” Rep. Mast told The Floridian.

Representative Carlos Gimenez, also of Florida, tweeted asking if Pelosi is attempting a cover-up of the Afghanistan debacle.

“How badly do Nancy Pelosi and the House Democrats want to cover up this Afghanistan debacle? They just blocked Members of Congress from reading the names of the service members who sacrificed their lives in Afghanistan last week. Don’t you think our military deserves better?” Gimenez’s Tweet read.

If anyone ever doubted just how callous Nancy Pelosi is, this incident should prove beyond a shadow of a doubt how much she doesn’t care about human life.

The incident occurred after almost 40 Republicans called for Biden to resign from office for stranding Americans and abandoning U.S. military gear in Afghanistan.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy attempted a House vote that would have required Biden to recover the military gear and the Americans still in Afghanistan, but the Democrats – who currently hold a slim majority – blocked it.

Biden and the Democrat Party are desperately trying to cover up something.

They don’t want the public to know what really happened in Afghanistan, and they are sure as heck hoping Americans forget all about this before the 2022 midterm elections.

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