Nancy Pelosi is in a panic after a leading Democrat made this one move

Nancy Pelosi is trying to ram through Biden’s Big Government agenda.

Her life has turned into a headache as the Biden regime has been a tire fire.

And now Pelosi is in a panic after a leading Democrat made this one move. 

Nancy Pelosi is living in a nightmare trying to ram through the Biden regime’s socialist agenda.

Moderate Democrats and the radical Left in the House are at war about the cost and scope of the $3.5 trillion so-called “human infrastructure” bill.

Democrats are in disarray as Congress looks more dysfunctional than ever.

With the slimmest of majorities, she can’t afford to lose any seats to hang on to the Speaker’s gavel.

The non-stop series of blunders by the Biden regime are only making things worse.

Biden’s poll numbers are dropping faster than an anchor and he’s starting to drag the rest of the Democrats down with him.

Seeing the impending doom caused by a collapsing Biden regime, Democrats are looking to bail off of the sinking ship.

Democrat John Yarmuth of Kentucky is a seven-term Congressman who chairs the powerful House Budget Committee.

As chairman he’s been in the middle of the “human infrastructure” bill battle. 

And now he’s called it quits on his career by announcing his retirement.    

This is a stunning announcement for a senior Democrat leader more than a year out from the next election that will have Pelosi sweating bullets.

Longtime Congressional observers note that when a senior member retires this far out from an election, it’s often a sign they don’t want to serve in the minority again.

Retirements spike when it seems likely that a Party is going to be in the minority after the next election.

Yarmuth joins two other Democrats from battleground districts who’ve announced their upcoming retirement: Ron Kind of Wisconsin and Filemon Vela of Texas.

These retirements could be the start of a run of House Democrats heading for the exits with an increasingly bleak 2022 election ahead of them. 

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