Nancy Pelosi has single-handedly destroyed this American institution

Nancy Pelosi’s thirst for ultimate power has never been a secret.

The current Speaker of the House has always worked every angle to work her way up the leadership ladder.

Now some are saying Nancy Pelosi has single-handedly destroyed this American institution.

The entire United States government is a bigger mess than ever before, and that’s really saying something given the mess it’s been in for decades now.

One reason behind the mess is greedy politicians’ insatiable thirst for power.

And Nancy Pelosi is the epitome of power-hungry.

California Republican Devin Nunes told Fox News Primetime recently that Nancy Pelosi is “completely” burning down the institution of the House with the tactics she’s using.

“I have never seen Washington this dysfunctional, and I have been here a while, and I have seen a lot of dysfunction. But Pelosi has managed to completely burn down this institution. And I know you covered the masks and CDC and all the games. But they have weaponized and destroyed everything here. So, look, as this bill — we haven’t — the early indications of this bill is that it is not even paid for. So, here’s what the politicians keep doing here in Washington is, they don’t want to make the tough decisions. So, if you really want to fund infrastructure, that was the original intent of the gas tax that everyone pays at the pump,” Congressman Nunes stated.

Nunes went on to say that no one is asking tough questions.

The Congressman wants to know why, when California has some of the country’s highest gas prices, the roads are such a mess.

“Why are roads so much better in other states that have much lower gas prices? I mean, it’s really hard to believe,” Nunes said.

He also called the moves by Nancy and her fellow Democrats “gimmicky.”

“So, this looks really gimmicky. I know some of those senators, so I’m not sure. I need to understand their thought process on this. But, at this point in time, when they are claiming that this bill is paid for, we don’t see it that way. Our Budget Committee has looked at it. We think this is a lot of moving and shell games of money around,” Nunes concluded.

Nancy Pelosi and her liberal allies are only out to line their own pockets and scoop up as much power as possible.

It’s not about the people for Nancy – it’s about her.

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