Nancy Pelosi had a public meltdown after MSNBC asked her this surprising question

Nancy Pelosi Photo by Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Like every Democrat Nancy Pelosi is used to the media giving her softball questions.

She never expected any media talking head to put her on the spot.

And Nancy Pelosi had a public meltdown after MSNBC asked her this surprising question.

The bombshell revelations coming out about President Joe Biden’s apparent involvement in his family’s influence-peddling scheme is leading to some uncomfortable conversations amongst Democrats.

Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) appeared on MSNBC for an interview, in which host Andrea Mitchell asked about the possibility of President Biden being impeached by House Republicans.

Pelosi, who led Democrats’ effort to impeach former President Donald Trump not once but twice, was fuming that the shoe was finally on the other foot.

“How do you feel about the push by the House Republicans – many of them – the Speaker certainly, you know, certainly flirted with this idea of impeachment proceedings against President Biden because of unfounded allegations that he was involved with his son Hunter’s businesses?” Mitchell asked Pelosi.

An angry Rep. Pelosi tried to brush off the question while flailing her arms around in the air.

“With all due respect to your question, this is frivolous, this is a diversionary tactic,” Pelosi ranted.

The former Speaker of the House claimed that any impeachment talk from Republicans was proof that they have “nothing to offer the American people.”

“As you well know, you were very cautious about starting impeachment proceedings for the very reason that once you start in a special committee or the judiciary committee, it’s very hard to stop that process,” Mitchell hilariously claimed, as if Pelosi had to think for more than a fraction of a second about whether she wanted to follow through with Democrats’ witch hunts against Trump.

But the perturbed Democrat Congresswoman once again dodged discussing the possibility of President Biden being impeached for his apparent corruption.

“They have to change the subject, and they have nothing to offer the American people in terms of jobs and the rest,” Pelosi said. “They talk about it, but then they change the subject when it’s time to deliver.”

Pelosi continued by drifting into a rant about what she claimed were the supposed “economic successes” the Biden regime and Congressional Democrats have achieved, and called impeaching Biden—or anyone in his cabinet—a waste of everyone’s time.

She even laughably claimed that the Republican Party had become a cult led by Trump — Democrats should really try taking a look in the mirror just one time.

“I’m so proud of the Democrats in the Congress,” Pelosi claimed. “We fully intend to take back the House next time so we don’t have to deal with the frivolity, the waste of time of the Congress for them to go down this path.”

Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) has hinted that he is open to the idea of launching an impeachment inquiry into Biden after the allegations that he was involved in a criminal bribery scheme in Ukraine were revealed by an FBI document.

Democrats will have to face tough questions about Joe Biden being impeached as evidence of his corruption piles up.

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