Money is pouring into a small midwestern state as conservatives push back against pandemic politics

The Governor in a small midwestern state is breaking fundraising records in her first fundraiser since her pandemic politics caught the attention of conservatives across the United States.

And you won’t believe how much dust the former record holder is eating. 

Now the question is whether she’ll be able to ride out scandals standing between her and a chance at a future presidential ticket. 

The COVID-19 pandemic made South Dakota’s Kristi Noem a conservative household name – especially after her state’s tourism department bought up a huge share of the advertising slots on Fox News on the night of the 2020 presidential election. 

Refusing to shut down her state during the entire COVID-19 pandemic made Noem the recipient of quite a bit of left-wing flak. 

It also earned her plenty of die-hard conservative fans apparently willing to open their pocketbooks to prove their loyalty. 

Noem has repeatedly refused to say whether she’ll be a possible contender for Vice President or President in the future, but her first fundraising for reelection as Governor is already insanely successful. 

According to The Hill she “pulled in $330,000 for her reelection campaign at a Sioux Falls fundraiser last week, smashing the record for the largest single fundraising event in state history.” 

That number is nearly double the former record. 

Even with runaway inflation, that number is impressive. 

So far Noem has $6.5 million in her reelection war chest, not that she’s likely to need it since the last time the state elected a Democrat was in 1978. 

The rural state with lots of space and a relatively small population has played an outsized role in national politics in the past. 

But usually, all that attention is on offices that have a nationwide impact.

In 2004, Democrat Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle spent $17.4 million losing to Republican John Thune. 

Thune spent $10.3 million on his race while outside groups spent tens of millions more.    

In Noem’s case, it’s likely donors are simply showing their appreciation for someone willing to stand up against pandemic hysteria. 

Noem’s popularity earned her enough positive press to make it worthwhile for someone to try to take her down a notch or two. 

In the past few months she’s been accused of using her office to help her daughter to get her appraiser’s license and of having an affair with one of Donald Trump’s former aides. 

Noem denied wrongdoing in both cases. 

Obviously, the rancher turned politician still has plenty of financial support from donors. 

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