Mitt Romney is about to stab every Trump supporter in the back in this disgusting way

Utah Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT) made his name on the back of selling out conservatives.

Now Romney is conspiring in secret to hand President Joe Biden his biggest win yet.

And Mitt Romney is about to stab every Trump supporter in the back in this disgusting way.

Democrats and the media cannot wait for mass shootings to occur because the horrendous tragedy is the only time they can go on offense in their push to completely disarm every American citizen.

In the wake of the unspeakable evil in Uvalde, Texas, Democrats and their allies in the press seized on the reports of 19 dead children to create a tidal wave of emotional blackmail to pressure Republicans to accept gutting the Second Amendment.

Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) – the loudest advocate for banning and confiscating guns in the U.S. Senate – is working behind the scenes with anti-gun Republicans to try and craft a deal that will allow Democrats to create a national gun registry and allow judges to order government agents into homes to confiscate firearms.

Murphy told reporters Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) agreed to hold off on any votes to allow Murphy time to finesse the RINOs into agreeing to dangerous new gun control legislation.

“I think we need a little time to work on this,”  Senator Murphy stated. “I understand the prospects for getting 60 votes are slim. They’re always slim. There’s a non-zero chance that we could get a compromise, and I’ve begun to talk to some of my colleagues about some ideas. Some old ideas, some new ideas. My hope is we can find some common ground here.”

“I think we need to have conversations between members,” Murphy continued. “I don’t think the Senate needs to be in session. We need some time to explore whether we have a route to 60 votes. And I think Sen. Schumer is committed to having a floor debate on this. I think he’s also committed to giving the time to try to find a path to 60.”

Two RINOs readily agree.

Anti-gun and pro-impeachment Never-Trumper Senator Pat Toomey (R-PA) – who co-sponsored legislation to create a national gun registration database – expressed his support for resurrecting that attack on American freedom.

“My interest in doing something to improve and expand our background checks system remains. I continue to have that interest.” Toomey told reporters. “I do not have any significant update on the status of that or any other legislation to give you at this point.”

“I think the thing that would have the best chance is the thing that has gotten Republican support before, which is expanding background checks,” Toomey claimed. “But I don’t know.”

Senator Mitt Romney told reporters he favored not just a national gun registration database, but also red flag confiscation laws that allow left-wing judges to order police to barge into homes and seize firearms at gun point.

“Background checks and updating our background check technology is something that I think is an appropriate federal responsibility,” Senator Romney said. “I’ll be looking at Toomey-Manchin and seeing how that would apply and whether or not I could support that or whether there might be some amendments to that that would make it more acceptable.”

“I also think that red flag laws make a lot of sense,” Romney continued. “I think states are wise to adopt those. I think they’d have to be effectively administered at the state level.”

RINOs always try to play footsie with the gun grabbers in the wake of tragedy.

Usually, Conservatives are able to rally enough grassroots pressure to stop any gun deals.

Will this time be different?

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