Mitch McConnell threw a GOP Senator under the bus because of one terrible border bill

Photo by Greg Bulla on Unsplash

Joe Biden has been forced to confront his growing border crisis.

Establishment Republicans in the Senate inexplicably tried to let Biden off the hook.

But Mitch McConnell threw a GOP Senator under the bus because of one terrible border bill.

The Republicans in the House passed HR2, a tough border bill that would actually address the influx of illegal aliens into the country.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer refused to bring it to a vote.

Instead, Schumer and the Democrats crafted their own border bill, which would simply expedite the flow of illegal aliens into America and codify some of the worst aspects of Joe Biden’s border policies.

For some reason, Republican Senator James Lankford of Oklahoma went on television and stumped for the bad border bill.

He said on Fox News, “People have got to be able to read it and go through it themselves. Don’t just go off of a Facebook post somewhere what the bill says…The key aspect of this, again, is are we, as Republicans, going to have press conferences and complain the border’s bad and then intentionally leave it open after the worst month in American history in December? Now we’ve got to actually determine, are we going to just complain about things? Are we going to actually…change as many things as we can if we have the shot?”

But someone who certainly did not get his opinions about the bill from Facebook was Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

After reading the room, McConnell determined that the bill was widely condemned by the Republican base and effectively threw Lankford under the bus.

McConnell rejected the bill and wrote in a statement, “President Biden’s campaign promise to welcome illegal aliens at the border overwhelmed a broken asylum system that unified Republican government had tried desperately to fix in the face of Democrat obstruction…His Administration took away critical tools like ‘Remain in Mexico’ and strong enforcement priorities that CBP and ICE had relied on to stem the tide of illegal arrivals…It is time to force the President to start cleaning up his mess and equip future leaders with a system that works and new emergency tools to restore order…America’s sovereignty is being tested here at home, and our credibility is being tested by emboldened adversaries around the world.”

One would think that fixing the southern border would be easy, but the establishment of both parties want the border open.

Donald Trump has a 30-point lead over Biden on the issue of immigration, so if he gets re-elected, he could come into office with a clear mandate to fix the border.

That is what it will take to resolve this crisis.