Mitch McConnell is about to strike this secret agreement to keep Chuck Schumer in power

Republican voters counted on Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell to fight to remove Democrats from power this November.

But McConnell is now waving the white flag of surrender.

And Mitch McConnell is about to strike this secret agreement to keep Chuck Schumer in power.

Midterm elections are contests of base mobilization.

Previous polls show Republicans more fired up to vote than Democrats.

But in the wake of the tragedy in Texas, Mitch McConnell blessed a group of RINOs – led by pro-amnesty Texas Senator John Cornyn – to negotiate a deal with Democrats that would allow government agents to kick down doors and seize firearms.

“I’ve encouraged him to talk to Sen. Sinema, Sen. Murphy and others who are interested in trying to get an outcome that’s directly related to the problem,” McConnell said of Cornyn. “I am hopeful that we could come up with a bipartisan solution that’s directly related to the facts of this awful massacre.”

Back in 1990, George H.W. Bush executed a similar betrayal of conservatives by striking a massive tax increase “compromise” with Democrats.

Republican voters subsequently stayed home and Bush lost reelection, winning just 39 percent of the vote.

In an ominous sign for conservatives, West Virginia Democrat Joe Manchin predicted to the media that a red flag confiscation bill – which would allow the seizure of firearms from veterans and other law-abiding citizens without due process of law – could win as many as 80 votes in the Senate.

“I was here in 2013 after Sandy Hook. Getting people to participate back then until you know Pat Toomey stepped forward – there wasn’t anyone jumping forward. We had . . . four or five Republicans in the room [today]. [It’s just encouraging to hear people say] there’s a pathway forward. […] This feels different right now,” Manchin told reporters.

“Not to have 70 or 80 [yes votes in the Senate] to protect your children and your grandchildren and not willing to [vote] for something reasonable? And quit thinking about the politics and can you get elected, are you going to lose votes. This is about basically protecting children. If they can’t rise to that, [dig deep] inside and find out why in the heck we’re here,” Manchin continued.

Republicans risk depressing their own base and throwing away the Midterm elections because Mitch McConnell and a group of wavering RINOs caved in to the corporate-controlled media and Democrats’ emotional arguments and passed laws allowing the government to forcibly confiscate Americans firearms without due process.

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