Michigan’s Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer is under investigation for this “secret deal”

As Biden continues to see his poll numbers plummet, it seems many of his Democrat cronies in state offices are also coming up against some unexpected hard times.

While Andrew Cuomo might be consuming most of the front page these days, there are even more Democrats who seem to be getting caught up in some shady stuff.

And now Michigan’s Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer is under investigation for this “secret deal.”

The Michigan GOP is calling on the state’s Attorney General to investigate a reported separation agreement between Governor Gretchen Whitmer and her former state Health Department Director.

On Tuesday, a statement was issued by Michigan Republicans calling on Witmer and her former Department of Health Director Robert Gordon to immediately “release all information” surrounding a supposed “secret deal” between the pair.

Gordon abruptly resigned from his position in January, and sources say that a $155,506 payout of taxpayer money was agreed to between him and Whitmer upon his departure.

The details of the departure remain confidential.

Republicans want the Michigan Attorney General to immediately begin an investigation into the matter.

They also called on the State Legislature to “issue subpoenas and hold hearings to answer a very simple question – Why is Gov. Whitmer buying the silence of a former government employee, the state’s top public health official, in the middle of a global pandemic?”

According to Michigan State Senator Jim Runestad, a Republican, the confidentiality agreement between Whitmer and Gordon “just adds another wrinkle to the problem.”

Runestad stated, “The administration has not been forthcoming with the data or the information surrounding their COVID policies. The continued secrecy is troubling, and even more reason to investigate the Whitmer administration’s COVID policies.”

Communications Director for the Michigan Republican Party Ted Goodman said in a statement to Fox News that the deal “doesn’t pass the smell test.”

Goodman also said that “Michiganders deserve answers.”

So, while Cuomo is attempting to dodge sexual harassment accusations and nursing home scandals that killed off thousands of elderly New Yorkers, fellow Democrat Governor Whitmer appeared to try and solve her problems by paying off a staffer with taxpayer money.

The Left continues to abuse the American population.

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