Merrick Garland’s goal was always to politicize the DOJ and that’s exactly what he’s doing with this lawsuit

Biden Attorney General Merrick Garland hoisted sails with this lawsuit proving the DOJ is beyond politicized.

Joe Biden sold the American people a bill of goods.

Biden and his Democrat allies told the voters they wouldn’t bring politics into issues unnecessarily, but that was a lie.

And Biden Attorney General Merrick Garland hoisted sails with this lawsuit proving the DOJ is beyond politicized.

Joe Biden wanted Americans to believe he was going to make things better and wouldn’t drag every issue in the country into the political mud.

Unfortunately, many took him at his word.

That was a big mistake.

Attorney General Merrick Garland is one of the Biden administration’s biggest culprits when it comes to ruthlessly politicizing issues.

He’s injected politics into virtually everything that’s landed on his desk.

Garland has been out to make the Justice Department one big Democrat political operation since the day he took the helm.

The most glaring example of this is the lawsuit the DOJ just filed in federal court to block Texas’s new pro-life law that bans abortions after a fetal heartbeat is detected.

This move is 100% political.

The Supreme Court already stated that the law cannot be struck down until it has been enforced and Merrick Garland knows this.

Garland knows that the ruling by the Supreme Court was, legally, the correct move.

He knows the defendants in the Texas case did not have standing because the law empowers private individuals, not state officials, to enforce the ban and it had not been enforced against them.

Most anyone who reads it can see that until a plaintiff comes forward to enforce the law there is no case.

But none of that mattered to Merrick Garland, he was out to prove a point and show the country just how leftist he was making the DOJ – the very entity he promised not to politicize.

Rabid pro-abortion activists are a huge part of the Democrat base. And Biden and his Democrat allies get a hefty chunk of blood money from the abortion mills backing their campaigns.

So needless to say, they’re desperate to please the Abortion Lobby.

That explains why Merrick Garland has taken it upon himself to launch another legal effort against the Texas heartbeat law even though everyone – even Garland himself – knows it will fail.

Merrick Garland knows the law and he knows this lawsuit is fruitless and a waste of the DOJ’s time and resources, but that doesn’t matter.

He’s helping the Biden administration orchestrate a massive political stunt in order to bump poll numbers with the Democrat base and get Biden out of his post-Afghanistan slump.

If the Trump administration’s attorney general had filed such a blatant, politically-motivated lawsuit, they would have been blasted as political hacks, but not Biden and his team.

The DOJ was politicized under Obama attorney general Eric Holder and now it’s happening again under another Democrat president.

Of course, the corporate press covering the Washington, D.C. swamp won’t mention the insanity of Garland’s lawsuit because clearly it’s acceptable to turn the DOJ into a political weapon when Democrats are in power.

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