Megyn Kelly said one jaw-dropping truth about the FBI raiding Trump that you need to hear

Millions of Americans were stunned by the FBI’s siege on Donald Trump’s home at Mar-a-Lago.

They were asking for answers as to why this banana republic-stye raid took place.

And now Megyn Kelly said one jaw-dropping truth about the FBI raiding Trump that you need to hear.

On a recent episode of The Megyn Kelly Show, host Megyn Kelly dismissed out of hand the idea that the FBI raided Trump’s home as part of a simple Presidential Records Act dispute.

Kelly explained that Democrats played for keeps and this raid was really just a cover to dig up evidence the Biden administration could use to charge former President Donald Trump with a crime relating to January 6.

In a column on National Review, former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy wrote that the Justice Department knew the records dispute was minor but used it as a pretext to gain access to the former President’s home.

McCarthy stated that Biden Attorney General Merrick Garland knows he doesn’t have a case against Trump relating to January 6, and that criminal charges will inspire mass street protests and potential civil unrest.

Therefore, Attorney General Garland and the FBI took a flier on raiding Donald Trump’s home in the hopes they would discover a smoking gun that would allow them to indict Trump.

“Because of the riot, the scheme is more condemnable, but the DOJ still can’t tie Trump to the riot,” McCarthy wrote. “Meantime, if the DOJ were to charge Trump with anything less than a slam-dunk case, and especially on one that smacked of selective prosecution, there would be an eruption of protest. The Justice Department’s legitimacy, which hinges on the public’s acceptance of it as a non-partisan law-enforcer, would be at risk.

“If Garland is going to charge the former president, he has to be sure,” he continued. “He has to be able to convince the country that the public interest strongly favors prosecution…

“…No, the Justice Department is trying to make a Capitol riot case, but Garland is not sure at this point that he has one he’s comfortable bringing,” McCarthy explained. “And since it would be explosive to signal that Trump is the subject of a Capitol riot investigation, the DOJ is trying to investigate him as such without saying so.”

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