Megyn Kelly obliterated CNN for wanting to make this insane hire

CNN is in turmoil.

The left-wing propaganda channel is bleeding viewers and is in the middle of a makeover.

And now Megyn Kelly obliterated CNN for wanting to make this insane hire.

CNN set a record in 2022 for posting its lowest ratings of all time.

New network CEO Chris Licht is trying to right the ship.

But in an attempt to remake the network’s primetime lineup, Licht is apparently looking to bring in a late-night comedian, such as Bill Maher, John Stewart or Trevor Noah, to serve as the new face of the network.

Former Fox News host Megyn Kelly mocked the idea that CNN could win back viewers by resorting to the same tired left-wing, late-night “comedy” show that is dying on CBS, NBC, and ABC.

Kelly lamented the fact that the days in which Johnny Carson or Jay Leno put on a talk show aimed at middle America were long gone.

“There’s a reason instead of just thinking about, you know, what are they doing that works?” Kelly began. “Like maybe we could be ripping on both sides like Jay Leno used to do, right? When the show used to be successful. Nope, they don’t wanna do that. They’re gonna double down on their partisanship or they’re gonna both double down on their partisanship and they’re gonna try to call it comedy like they do with John Stewart.”

Jimmy Kimmel, Stephen Colbert, and Seth Meyers have turned late-night comedy shows into pep rallies for the Democrat Party.

They are also alienating viewers.

Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld draws higher ratings than any of the left-wing comics, despite the fact that his show airs on a cable news channel while the others are on “mainstream” broadcast TV.

Kelly’s guest, investigative journalist Glenn Greenwald, explained this was a losing formula.

“You know, the other option, Megyn, for comedians might just be to, like, actually do comedy and not be political commentators,” Greenwald pointed out.

Greenwald noted that the woke Left has demanded every institution in America adopt their extremist political messaging, and that includes late-night TV and sports leagues.

“But we don’t accept that anymore in our culture,” Greenwald added. “Like every — you can’t watch a sports network without being battered over the head with political ideology and dogma. Everything has become politicized. Everything, you know, there is no such thing any longer as cultural products that unite all Americans that are devoid of political content.”

Greenwald concluded that CNN’s plans to revive the network’s sinking ratings are bound to fail, as it’s the network’s overall model that is broken.

“These are not geniuses running CNN, and I think their problem is in reality, they’re trying to fix what is actually just a completely broken ship,” Greenwald explained. “It’s sinking. And it’s the proverbial moving of deck chairs around as it does.

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