Megyn Kelly demolished Joy Behar for this awful confession about Donald Trump

Megyn Kelly Photo by Gage Skidmore via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0,

Donald Trump’s conviction was the moment Democrats and their media allies had been waiting for.

Some of the reactions shocked even the most cynical observers. 

And Megyn Kelly demolished Joy Behar for this awful confession about Donald Trump.

Donald Trump’s conviction was The View’s Super Bowl

Former President Donald Trump’s unjust conviction for 34 felony counts of falsifying business records in a kangaroo court set off a media frenzy.

Democrats’ media allies waited years for Trump to be convicted and treated the awful event like it was the Super Bowl, New Year’s Eve, and winning the lottery all rolled into one.

For ABC’s The View, this was the highlight of their miserable lives.

Co-host Joy Behar repulsed the daytime audience with her story of hearing the news about Trump’s conviction.

“My reaction was I was at Costco buying 10 boxes of Keurig coffee and my watch started to buzz, and I got so excited I started leaking a little bit,” Behar confessed as her co-hosts cackled.

“So you’re the leaker?” co-host Whoopi Goldberg asked.

“I’m the leaker,” Behar exclaimed with joy.

Behar taunted Trump for accurately calling his Soviet-style show trial rigged.

“They’re going to say it’s rigged. This is rigged. That’s rigged. Brian’s rigged. We’re rigged. Everything’s rigged according to him,” Behar ranted.

Co-host Sunny Hostin said she celebrated like the New York Knicks had won the NBA title.

“I felt like the Knicks won the tournament! I felt like America won! I felt like New York won! I felt the Manhattan DA’s office won! I felt like I won!” Hostin raved.

Megyn Kelly comes out swinging at The View

Former Fox News host Megyn Kelly mocked Behar for admitting she leaked herself in excitement over the Trump conviction on her SiriusXM show.

“Just when you think you couldn’t be more upset, you have to picture Joy Behar’s v***na. I’m sorry, leaking at a Costco,” Kelly said. “I don’t want it! I didn’t want any of the events that happened late last week.”

Kelly noted the bizarre euphoria that Behar had over the news.

“What’s going on? Why? There’s such a thing as TMI, there really is. It was inappropriate. She’s inappropriate. It was disgusting, and no one wants to be thinking about that,” Kelly continued. “But on the larger point, that’s how rabid they are. Like, it literally caused her to owe her pants. She was so excited to see Donald Trump convicted. Like a three-year-old seeing Goofy at Disney for the first time.”

Kelly said that she could hear the smiles of Democrat pundits in the media about the verdict.

“But for the word ‘Hallelujah,’ it’s all in there. They’re overjoyed,” Kelly said.

The View, which is inexplicably housed in ABC’s “news” division, owes what little relevance it has anymore to Trump.

The daytime talk show has become a vehicle for the hosts to work through their angst publicly by going on unhinged tirades against Donald Trump.