Maxine Waters suddenly became a defender of the Constitution. But the reason why will have you laughing hysterically

Democrats have been undermining the United States Constitution for decades.

But with the 2022 Midterm elections right around the corner and Joe Biden’s disastrous approval rating dragging down the entire Party, some are trying to course-correct to save their jobs.

Case in point, Maxine Waters suddenly became a defender of the Constitution. But the reason why will have you laughing hysterically.

It’s not easy to choose who the most arrogant, entitled member of the United States Congress is – there’s so many to choose from – but Maxine Waters ranks in the top ten.

Waters has little regard for the American people or her role as a Representative – it’s all about power to her.

And Waters, like the rest of the Democrat Party, knows the Party’s control of Congress is in jeopardy, so she needs to act fast because losing her power is just not an option.

In one of the more bizarre turnarounds by a member of Congress, Maxine Waters is now blaming former President Donald Trump for trying to expand his base so they can “undermine the Constitution.”

Yes, you read that right.

According to the Congresswoman, Trump and his supporters, who vehemently defend the Constitution from Democrats like Waters, now want to destroy it.

That’s a campaign move most didn’t see coming.

“What has been happening with the leadership of the former President of the United States of America, President Trump at his speeches, and rallies that he’s holding with the effort to not only expand his base but to expand the base in such a way that they undermine the Constitution of the United States,” Waters said.

Waters is known for some outlandish statements and for flat-out lying to try and bring in votes, but this is probably one of her most outrageous statements to date.

To blame Trump and his base of “undermining” the very thing they’re fighting for makes absolutely no logical sense.

But, then again, what the Democrats have been saying for the last year has made no logical sense either.

Of course, Waters couldn’t help but play the race card despite having nothing to do with her previously bizarre comment.

“We’re at a special time with great issues that we have to work on and that we’ve got to resolve and of course with Black History Month. We’re all focused on why is it we have you work so hard to get the kind of diversity and inclusion that brings more talent just solving the problems. Why do we have to deal with those who still believe that somehow this country only belongs to the whites of the country?” the Congresswoman claimed.

Unfortunately, despite these comments being a joke and completely untrue, there are still some on the Left that will support radicals like Maxine Waters.

We’ll just have to wait and see how mad the American people really are this November when they voice their opinions at the ballot box.

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