Maxine Waters said something absolutely despicable to defend Biden’s latest failure

Democrats and their Fake News Media allies are working overtime to save Joe Biden.

Despite their best efforts, Biden is still sliding in the approval polls.

And Maxine Waters said something absolutely despicable to defend Biden’s latest failure.

Joe Biden’s colossal blunders are stacking up.

In under ten months, Biden has managed to explode multiple crises, and two of his biggest failures are colliding.

Biden’s botched Afghanistan withdrawal and his inane border policies have triggered a migration crisis.

Afghans are being resettled throughout the country, and Democrats are trying to obscure the fact that tens of thousands of Haitians crossed the border into Del Rio, Texas.

Congresswoman Maxine Waters, a reliable Democrat crank, jumped on the lie that Haitian migrants were being whipped by border patrol and said the episode was worse than slavery.

Waters subtly walked back her absurd comments, but still suggested that Haitians were being treated as less than human beings.

Waters appeared on MSNBC and began:

“They should treat them like they are treating the Afghans. We’re bringing Afghans by the thousands into the country, and they deserve to be brought in because they assisted us in the war. That’s how they should be treating the Haitians, bringing in those who are eligible, vaccinating and making sure that we’re not simply trying to drive them back with our border patrol on horses, with their reins, looking as if they’re beating them.”

First, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas already said that as many as 12,000 Haitians were already released into the interior of the country.

Second, migrants have been exempted from vaccine mandates even though Americans have been put under the thumb of these draconian measures.

Also, many Haitian migrants rejected asylum in other countries in order to come to the United States.

Apparently they don’t think America is irredeemably racist like the Democrats do.

Waters added:

“It does not appear that they are seen in the same way that they see others. Haitians have been the victims because they were the first country to fight off, you know, the repression of France. Of course, France has made them pay a big price for it. Yes, I think they’re treated differently because they’re Black, because they’re Haitians, and because traditionally they have not been treated as human beings.”

This is absurd, especially considering America took in thousands of refugees and sent billions in aid after the last earthquake in Haiti.

Waters knows all of this, but she can’t help but exploit the crisis in order to spark division.

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