Liz Cheney made one utterly humiliating request to save her political career

Liz Cheney knows her career is on the ropes.

She’ll do anything to cling to power.

And Liz Cheney made one utterly humiliating request to save her political career.

Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) is fighting an uphill battle to keep her job in Congress after betraying conservatives.

Former President Donald Trump caused Rep. Cheney to completely lose her mind after conservative voters elected him as the leader of the Republican Party.

Instead of standing up to Joe Biden’s out of control Presidency, Liz Cheney has been obsessed with carrying out her personal vendetta against Donald Trump.

She became the darling of Democrats and the corporate-controlled media, serving as Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) flunky on the sham January 6 Committee.

While this made her a star on CNN and MSNBC, it left her political career hanging by a thread in conservative Wyoming.

After Rep. Cheney made the head-scratching move to run for re-election – as Republican, no less – she rightly found herself in Donald Trump’s crosshairs.

Trump endorsed conservative attorney Harriet Hageman in her challenge to Cheney in the Wyoming Republican Primary, and conservatives quickly rallied around Hageman’s candidacy.

Launching a crusade against Donald Trump in Wyoming was a career-ending decision for Liz Cheney.

Wyoming is arguably the most conservative state in the country, handing Trump his largest margins of victory in any state in both of his Presidential campaigns.

With Wyoming’s August 16 Republican Primary just a day away, polling shows that Congresswoman Cheney is on track to get trounced by Hageman.

Now, in a desperate attempt to save her political career, Liz Cheney is turning to her real base of support – Democrats.

Wyoming allows voters to switch their Party on the day of a Primary Election, allowing Democrats to cross over and vote for Rep. Cheney.

As such, Cheney has posted on her website and is now actively mailing Wyoming Democrat voters detailed instructions on how they can change their party affiliation to vote for her in the Republican Primary.

Groups supporting Cheney are also encouraging Democrats to cross over and vote for her.

Recently one group used two Democrat Members of Congress, Rep. Dean Phillips (D-MN) and Rep. Tom Malinowksi (D-NJ), to cut commercials pleading with Democrats to vote for her.

The move may be working in the most Democrat county in the state.

In Teton County, which Joe Biden won by 38% in 2020, the number of registered Republicans has now overtaken registered Democrats.

Hageman’s campaign manager, Carly Miller, ripped into Cheney for the move.

“When Liz Cheney’s only hope is to appeal to Democrats to raid a Republican primary, you know she has gone all the way over to Nancy Pelosi’s side,” Miller said. “Wyoming is fed up with Cheney and it’s too late for any election shenanigans to save her.”

This desperation move stands little chance of success in a state with such a large percentage of Republican voters.

The Chair of the Wyoming Democrat Party has already said there aren’t enough Democrats in the state to save Cheney, even if every single one showed up to vote.

Liz Cheney is bound and determined to embarrass herself yet again by begging Democrats for votes on her way out the door. 

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