Liz Cheney just got the worst news of her life when she saw this report

Liz Cheney isn’t even pretending to be a Republican anymore.

She’s hell-bent on being Nancy Pelosi’s lapdog. 

But she just got the worst news of her life when she saw this report.

Liz Cheney abandoned Republicans to carry out her deranged crusade against Donald Trump.

Cheney voted for the bogus impeachment of Trump to the delight of Democrats and their allies in the corporate-controlled media. 

She’s thrown her lot in with Nancy Pelosi’s sham January 6 Committee to launch a witch hunt against Trump supporters.

Instead of focusing on Joe Biden’s disastrous Presidency, she spends all of her time whining about Donald Trump.

After betraying the voters of Wyoming that she claims to represent to serve as Pelosi’s lapdog, she’s desperately trying to keep her job.

Now she’s facing an uphill battle to win her primary in this heavily Republican and Pro-Trump state.

Wyoming gave President Trump his largest margin of victory of any state in 2016 and 2020.

President Trump endorsed attorney Harriet Hageman to challenge her and other Republicans quickly rallied around her. 

Now a new poll shows the long odds facing Cheney in her reelection bid.

WPA Intelligence on behalf of the Club for Growth PAC found that Cheney is on track for a landslide loss in the August 16 primary.

In their poll, Harriet Hageman is leading Cheney by a whopping 30 points with a 56% to 26% lead.

Pro-Trump State Senator Anthony Bouchard has 12% while 6% of voters surveyed are undecided.

The Club for Growth PAC is opposing Cheney in her reelection bid.

With only months to go before the Republican Primary in Wyoming, Cheney finds herself on the verge of a crushing defeat.

After selling out President Trump and conservatives, the poll shows GOP voters are ready to send her packing by an overwhelming margin.

Nearly 70% of voters surveyed want someone else other than Nancy Pelosi’s favorite Republican lapdog.

This poll is consistent with other polling data out of Wyoming showing that Cheney is in big trouble.

Over a year ago, a Club for Growth poll found that 52% of Wyoming GOP voters would vote against her no matter who her opponent was.

After becoming a Pelosi flunky, Cheney’s support has sunk even lower.

Cheney’s reelection strategy hinges on getting Democrats to cross over to the GOP primary and vote for her.

Since Wyoming has open primaries, Democrat-aligned groups have been targeting Democrats in Wyoming to vote for Cheney in the Republican Primary.

In a deep-red state like Wyoming that has little hope of electing a Democrat, these voters can be courted to support a RINO like Cheney.

But the Club for Growth poll found that this controversial strategy may not be enough to save Cheney.

Their poll includes not only regular Republican voters but also Democrats and Independents who intend to vote in the Republican Primary.

Liz Cheney’s political career could be coming to an end after betraying conservatives to serve Nancy Pelosi. 

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