Liz Cheney is hiding one secret about a View co-host that will literally blow your mind

Photo by Office of Representative Liz Cheney via Wikimedia

Liz Cheney was one of the ringleaders of Democrats’ January 6 witch hunt Committee.

But she may have had some help from a surprising source.

And Liz Cheney is hiding one secret about a View co-host that will literally blow your mind.

The View co-host under fire for colluding with January 6 witch hunt

The View co-host Alyssa Farrah Griffin worked in the Trump administration before suddenly transforming into a Never-Trump talking head after being hired as the show’s fake token RINO and as a CNN contributor.

But it’s Griffin’s connection to fellow Trump administration alum turned Never-Trump propagandist Cassidy Hutchinson that’s now attracting attention from Congressional investigators.

Congressman Barry Loudermilk (R-GA) is leading the investigation into alleged abuses committed by Democrats’ January 6 witch hunt Committee.

Hutchinson’s verifiably false claim about former President Donald Trump attacking a Secret Service agent who was driving the Presidential motorcade and attempting to commandeer the vehicle as the events of January 6 unfolded at the Capitol were the centerpiece of the Committee’s hearings – even though the actual Secret Service agents present all completely debunked the propaganda narrative.

As a result, Hutchinson’s claims have increasingly become the focus of Loudermilk’s investigation into the January 6 witch hunt Committee’s efforts to destroy Trump.

Loudermilk wrote a letter to Griffin and her attorney requesting that she appear for an in-person interview.

Of special interest to Loudermilk and the Committee was the fact that Hutchinson wrote in her memoir that she spoke to Griffin in the summer of 2021.

She claimed in her book that her conversations with Griffin resulted in Hutchinson telling the January 6 Committee drastically different stories in her testimony.

The focus of the investigation

Loudermilk wrote that Hutchinson recounted in her memoir that it was talking to Griffin that spurred her to contact Rep. Cheney to schedule a second interview with the January 6 Committee.

“For example, in Enough, Ms. Hutchinson claims that you and her “talked over [her] options, and [you] agreed to contact Liz Cheney on [her] behalf about scheduling another interview [with the Select Committee],” Loudermilk wrote.

Loudermilk stated that Hutchinson wrote that the Committee never asked her about the stories she later told about seeing Trump throw ketchup on the wall in the Oval Office dining room in frustration over Congress proceeding with certifying Biden’s win.

Hutchinson also said the Committee never broached the subject of Trump supposedly saying Vice President Mike Pence deserved the chants about him being hung for treason.

“She then recounts that during this conversation, she shared that the Select Committee “never asked if [she] went to the Oval [Office] dining room on January 6, or whether [she] heard about Trump’s reaction to the rioters chanting ‘Hang Mike Pence.’ According to Mark [Meadows], Trump said, ‘He deserves it,’” Loudermilk added.

Loudermilk informed Griffin that there was no evidence Hutchinson ever mentioned these subjects before speaking with Griffin.

“These stories Cassidy has later claimed to have been privy to were never discussed prior to this meeting at your Georgetown row house. There are no texts, emails, or verbal exchanges that have been verified where Ms. Hutchinson discussed these explosive claims, apart from your conversation, before testifying to the Select Committee,” Loudermilk added.

The conclusion

Considering the fact that the Secret Service agents thoroughly debunked Hutchinson’s claims, Loudermilk’s letter hints at the fact that he strongly suspects Griffin and Cheney coordinated with Hutchinson on her testimony.

Hutchinson was a surprise witness at the Committee hearings.

Her appearance was Cheney’s idea.

And Congressional investigators believe something is up.