Liberals are having full-on mental breakdowns after Trump said this about Robert E. Lee

Monuments commemorating America’s past – including Confederate statues continue to be ripped down nationwide.

General Robert E. Lee is their main target.

And liberals are having full-on mental breakdowns after Trump said this about Robert E. Lee.

While the debate over the Civil War certainly gets heated, it was one of the most important events in U.S. history.

And Confederate General Robert E. Lee is one of the most impactful figures of the era.

Gen. Lee is widely respected on both sides, largely for his genius on the battlefield.

It is also well-known that Lee was opposed to slavery, calling it an evil institution.

Yet, the Left wants to destroy every part of his legacy, and just recently ripped down one of the most famous statues of him in Richmond, Virginia.

While the Left was cheering their erasure of history, Donald Trump spoke out, and defended Lee in the face of the mob.

“Just watched as a massive crane took down the magnificent and very famous statue of ‘Robert E. Lee On His Horse’ in Richmond, Virginia,” Trump wrote. “It has long been recognized as a beautiful piece of bronze sculpture. To add insult to injury, those who support this ‘taking’ now plan to cut it into three pieces, and throw this work of art into storage prior to its complete desecration.”

“Robert E. Lee is considered by many Generals to be the greatest strategist of them all,” Trump continued. “President Lincoln wanted him to command the North, in which case the war would have been over in one day. Robert E. Lee chose the other side because of his great love of Virginia, and except for Gettysburg, would have won the war. He should be remembered perhaps as the greatest unifying force after the war was over, ardent in his resolve to bring the North and South together through many means of reconciliation and imploring his soldiers to do their duty in becoming good citizens of this Country.”

Trump’s statement surely infuriated the Left, who used it to call him racist.

Democrats also went out of their way to show their support for the removal of the statue.

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam, who is most famous for his blackface/KKK robe yearbook photo, praised the state’s removal:

“This was a long time coming, part of the healing process so Virginia can move forward and be a welcoming state with inclusiveness and diversity.”

Northam also contends that the statue symbolized “more than 400 years of history that we should not be proud of.”

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