Laura Ingraham lowered the boom on Joe Biden with this epic truth bomb

Joe Biden is living a nightmare as President.

His problems are piling up with no end in sight.

Now Laura Ingraham lowered the boom on him with this epic truth bomb.

Everything is coming crashing down for Joe Biden as his failed regime is hit with more problems.

Biden was already dealing with a border crisis, soaring inflation, a crime tsunami, and record-high gas prices.

Now he’s dealing with a massive shortage of baby formula that’s turned into a major crisis.

The stock market has tanked, suffering its worst single day loss since the pandemic and is off to its worst start to the year since the Great Depression.

His Disinformation Governance Board, which was an Orwellian Ministry of Truth tasked with combating online “misinformation,” collapsed before it even got off the ground under heavy criticism.

Joe Biden is taking loss after loss as his Presidency sits on the verge of collapse.

And Laura Ingraham unloaded on the epic disaster Joe Biden’s Presidency has turned into on her Fox News show.

“In just the past 48 hours, the prospects for Joe Biden, the Democrats, have gone the way of the Dow. They’ve plummeted because of multiple setbacks,” Ingraham said.

“First, and the stock market is an indicator of this, we’re riding toward recession on the wave of spending that we couldn’t afford and we didn’t need — COVID, on infrastructure, on climate, on bailouts,” she continued.

“And with $40 billion more soon slated to go out the window to Ukraine. This is a total and complete travesty,” she stated.

“And by the way, the recession, the inflation — it was preventable, but now it’s too late. Meanwhile, mothers are still struggling to find baby food. Basic nutrition for their infants,” she added.

“Now, when Biden said he would have the most diverse Cabinet in history, we didn’t realize that also meant turning America into the Third World,” she explained.

“Which brings us to setback number two,” she remarked.

“Beyond the dismal economy, the Biden team’s disinformation board and their misinformation. Who ran it? They’re kaput,” she explained.

“The DHS thought-police collapsed under its own weight and its own stupidity and like its own unconstitutionality,” she suggested.

Joe Biden’s incompetent regime keeps creating crisis after crisis for the country.

With Democrats collapsing under the weight of Biden’s constant failures, Ingraham predicted what their response would be.

“As his party’s prospects become bleaker as the weeks wear on. Biden’s Democrats, I expect to escalate things,” Ingraham explained.

“It’s going to get a lot uglier. You’re going to have more racial recriminations. Aggressive protests, demands for more mail-in ballots and drop boxes,” she predicted.

“But Americans know they can’t afford anymore of this epic failure,” she concluded.

Democrats are already starting to unleash unruly mobs in the wake of the Supreme Court leak.

With Biden’s never ending disasters, the Left will be searching for answers as everything falls apart for them.  

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